Product Information


Cooling Boots for horse’s leg after training and competition or after injury.

The products are developed in Sweden for effective treat without using spray, clay, lotion, alcoholic products, ice or cold water.
The cooling boots are available with 75,2 °F (24 °C).
The elements are stored in neat pockets within the boots and closed with strong velcros.

Application and Function

Boots to be applied with the cooling packs on the back of the horse`s leg, where most of the muscles and sinews are located. A horse´s leg having an approximate temperature of 82,4 °F (28 °C) in a resting position. The need of effective cooling increases when the temperature in the horse´s leg rices.
The cooling process start at the very same time the elements withdraw heat from the horse leg and begin to melt and the horse’s legs begins to be cooled. The lower the freezing point is the faster the cooling process occurs.
When the elements have reached its melting point the shape turns into liquid and the cooling process stops. This function is preferably since the boots can be applied during transportation or when the horse is resting in the stall. The boots are not to be applied when the horse is in movements – training, competition or just walking around in the pasture.

Boots Information

The boots are manufactured in three different layers. Closest to the horse’s skin are the four pockets (containing the cooling elements) made in meschmaterial with breathing function and strong Velcro fastenings that keep the cooling elements in correct position. The cooling elements are very easy to be applicated and removed when refreezing is necessary.
The second layer made of neoprene is well known for its ability to withhold warmth/cold.
The outside layer is made of a special strong fabric that keeps moisture and dust out and at the same time is easy to clean. Three strong two inch broad adjustable velcros fastenings certify a strong and safe application.
Dimensions:  width 13 inch,    height 11 inch.

Cooling Element Information

The boots contain two large and two small cooling elements. Standard for the boots are elements with 75,2 °F (24 °C) freezing point. The elements are to be re-frozen flat to avoid shapeless units.
Element regains its characteristics by storing them in lower temperatures than the element’s freezing point. The colder the environment is the colder the element regains its cooling effect. The elements can be re-frozen over and over again; have been tested up to 4000 times, still in good condition. Re-freeze the packs in a bucket with “cold – cold water and they are ready to use in just a few minutes.

Cooling Element 75, 2 °F (24 °C)

These elements has a freezing point at 75,2 °F (24 °C) and prevents injuries and help horse’s to recover strength and flexibility in muscles and sinews after training and competition. The horse is given a soft and effective cooling that result in a stronger, softer and more flexible horse.
The cooling effect of these packs remains approximately 1 to 3 hours, dependently outside temperature and has to be kept in a temperature colder than 68 °F (+20 °C) to automatically be ready to use.