Application Instructions
           Cooling Element Pockets

Before applying the boots

75,2 °F Cooling Elements

Get your cooling boots from the storage location just in time before applying them

  • Before applying them to your horse’s cannon bones – clean and wet with a sponge
  • Apply the cooling boots to all the four legs at the “very same” time immediately after your training or competition program
  • Re-tighten the velcros after ten to fifteen minutes to better con-figurate to your horse’s cannon bones, for a better contact and compression

After the cooling process

  • After use – remove and clean the cooling packs with a damp cloth and re-freeze them in a bucket with “cold – cold” water
  • Return the packs into the boot pockets with the seam against the horse leg
  • Keep the cooling boots in a dry location with a temperature below 68 °F