Beneficial Effects

These cooling boots can be the difference between an extended career and permanent injuries for many horses.

  • Attractive Comfort Cooling to Horse’s leg due to the freezing point

        -    75,2 °F  to be used after training or competition activities    

  • Continues and convenient cooling temperature
  • Cooling Packs compresses to the horse’s leg automatically during the process
  • Never to cold to be used
  • Up to three hours effective cooling dependently the outside temperature
  • No risk for tendon or tissue damages because of to cold medium
  • Cooling packs have been tested for up to four thousand cooling cycles
  • Easy to handle during weekend long competitions. Re-freezes in  a bucket with cold - cold water in approximately ten to fifteen minutes
  • The boots are manufactured in durable material
  • Easy to apply and secure to horse’s leg with three durable velcro straps