Cooling Elements

TST Cooling Elements

These revolutionary packs contains a unique formula of Glauber Salt – Sodium Sulfate which is a relatively new modularity in cold therapy, with excellent cooling effects for preventing tendon injuries, inflamed tissues and connective tissues.
The elements are provided with, 75,2 °F packs for preventing injuries and maintaining softness and flexibilities in muscles, sinews and ligaments.

No hazardous ingredients or none toxic properties has been found in this formula:

*    Inhalation:          No health hazards has been found

*    Ingestion:           Not expected to be health hazard
                               However, if massive quantities have been swallowed, give several                                glasses of water to drink to dilute

*    Eye Contact:      No adverse effects has been found

*    Skin Contact:     No adverse effects has been found

75,2 °F Packs

To be used immediately after training or competition activities to ensure softness and flexibility in muscles, sinews, ligaments, etc.

This pack regains its characteristics by storing them in lower temperatures than the packs freezing point.

The packs has been tested approximately 4000 times to be re-frozen and still maintaining the cooling effects.

These cooling packs re-freezes flat to avoid shapeless units and for properly fitness in the boot pockets.